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Jugendstil Ornaments by Peter Behrens

DescriptionEnglish: Typographic ornament by Peter Behrens
SourceGrossherzog Ernst Ludwig und die Ausstellung der Künstler-Kolonie in Darmstadt von Mai bis Oktober 1901 (
AuthorPeter Behrens
These scalable ornaments can be used at any size.

Neptune’s Horses, by Walter Crane

DescriptionEnglish: Neptune’s Horses by Walter Crane: “First sketch for the picture exhibited at the Royal Water Colour Society in 1892 & the New Gallery in 1893 & now in the collection of Herr Ernst Seeger, Berlin.”
Source“The Work of Walter Crane” in The Art Journal (
AuthorWalter Crane

Three Hungarian Art Nouveau Floral Headpieces

DescriptionEnglish: Ornament from a 1901 Hungarian book
SourceAdapted from A pesti régi városház története (
These scalable ornaments can be used at any size. They are reconstructed from the originals by redrawing some of the elements.