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Teacher at Blackboard

DescriptionEnglish: Teacher pointing to blackboard, from a 1924 advertisement
SourceAdvertisement for Postum in The Delineator (

The blackboard has been made blank. In the advertisement, the original message was “ ‘Children should not drink tea or coffee at all’ —U.S. Bureau of Education.”

Child Labor and the Home, by Arnold Goodwin

Carrying Easter finery from a tenement sweatshop
Knitting cheap caps for bargain hunters
Finishing collars instead of playing ball
Sewing sacks in his happy home
Artificial flowers for Easter millinery weavers
Cracking nuts for a wholesale health food faker
DescriptionEnglish: Illustration by Arnold Goodwin for an article on “Child Labor and the Home”
SourceThe Masses (
AuthorArnold Goodwin