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The Cabbalist, from “Sbornik” by Maxim Gorki, by E. M. Lilien

DescriptionEnglish: The Cabbalist, from “Sbornik” by Maxim Gorki, by E. M. Lilien
Deutsch: Der Kabbalist, aus «Sbornik» von Maxim Gorki, von E. M. Lilien
SourceE. M. Lilien : ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der zeichnenden Künste (
AuthorEphraim Moses Lilien

Diedrich Knickerbocker

DescriptionEnglish: Character probably representing Diedrich Knickerbocker, from a guide to New York attractions
SourceDaily Attractions in New York (

The source image was printed in 1911, but the same image had been used on the cover of this publication since 1906.


DescriptionEnglish: “Avaunt! Approach not the Victim of thy Treachery, nor contaminate by thy unhallowed presence, the Sanctitude of this Assylum”: Frontispiece to a novel published in Pittsburgh in 1808
SourceThe Lawyer, or, Man as he ought not to be (
AuthorIllustration credited to “Baralett”; engraver illegible

The Wife of Bath

DescriptionEnglish: “Ye sovereign Wives! give ear and understand,
Thus shall ye speed and exercise Command.”

Illustrating Alexander Pope’s rendition of Chaucer’s Wife of Bath’s Prologue.
SourceThe Works of Alexander Pope, Esq. (
AuthorJ. Wale, artist; C. Mosley, engraver