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Neptune’s Horses, by Walter Crane

DescriptionEnglish: Neptune’s Horses by Walter Crane: “First sketch for the picture exhibited at the Royal Water Colour Society in 1892 & the New Gallery in 1893 & now in the collection of Herr Ernst Seeger, Berlin.”
Source“The Work of Walter Crane” in The Art Journal (
AuthorWalter Crane

Daedalus Escapes the Labyrinth

The motto “iuvat evasisse” (“glad to have escaped”) comes from the Aeneid, book III: “iuvat evasisse tot urbes / Argolicas…”

English: Daedalus escaping from the labyrinth, with the motto iuvat evasisse (“happy to have escaped”)
Source Sammlung Geist- und Sinnreicher Gedancken uber Verschiedene aus der Natur, Kunst, und Wissenschafften vorgestellte Sinn-Bilder (
Author Johann Christoph Sysang (1703-1757)