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Charlie Chaplin in 1922

DescriptionEnglish: Portrait of Charlie Chaplin in 1922. “Mr. Chaplin is a symbol. He personifies one of the most basic and powerful instincts of mankind—namely the instinct for humor”
SourcePhotoplay (
AuthorAnonymous photographer at the Strauss-Peyton studio

Willem Mengelberg

DescriptionEnglish: “Willem Megelberg, the celebrated guest-conductor of the New York Philharmonic Society. His commanding ability won world fame for him when in charge of the distinguished Concertgebouw at Amsterdam”
SourceShadowland (

In the magazine, the picture seems to be reversed to make the subject face toward the fold; in every other photograph, Mengelberg conducts right-handed and parts his hair on the right. This file has therefore been horizontally flipped.