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Minerva Supervises the Building of the Argo

DescriptionEnglish: [From the original description:] A bas-relief, representing the goddess Minerva superintending the construction of the ship Argo. The figure, employed in using a chisel and hammer, is Argus, the builder of the ship; and the other figure, assisted by Minerva in fixing the sail to the yard, is Tiphys, the pilot of the vessel.
SourceA Description of the Collection of Ancient Terracottas in the British Museum (
AuthorWilliam Alexander

Clipper Ship Tornado, Struck by a Whirlwind

DescriptionEnglish: Clipper ship Tornado as it might have appeared after a whirlwind struck it on the way from San Francisco to New York.
SourceGleason’s Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion (

“The whirlwind struck her at 2 A. M., Sept. 11th, [1852,] 33 days out, and when nearly half way to New York. The shock was instantaneous. The bowsprit was broken off close to the knight-heads, and the whole of it carried inboard on the port side. The foremast instantly followed it, close to the deck, being lifted from between the mainstays so that the heel of it grazed the house, and went over the side, tearing away the main and monkey rails.”

Unloading Heinz Products at Cape Town, by Edward Trumbull

DescriptionEnglish: “Scene at Capetown, South Africa. A symbol of Heinz world-wide distribution.” Reproduction of a mural by Edward Trumbull in the Heinz headquarters building, Pittsburgh.
SourceAdvertisement in The Delineator (
AuthorEdward Trumbull

From the advertisement: A series of unusually artistic mural paintings by Trumbull always interests visitors to ‘‘The Home of the 57”