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The Scribe at Work

DescriptionEnglish: Scribe working on a manuscript, surrounded by his research material
Date15th century
SourceThe Art & Practice of Typography (
AuthorJean Le Tavernier

No information is given about the picture in the source book. The scribe pictured is identified in other versions on Commons as Jean Miélot, and the artist as Jean Le Tavernier.

Ink Sticks

DescriptionEnglish: A selection of imported ink sticks from 1897
SourceMackey Print Paper Co. catalogue (

A, Indian, Oblong, Black and Gold Lattice Work; B, Indian Oblong, Golden Royal Twin Storks; C, Chinese, Oblong, Village, Black, Green and Gold; D. Chinese, Oblong, Black, Gold, Green and Blue; E, Indian, Oblong, Black, Gold and Silver; F, Indian, Oval, Black and Gold; G, Chinese, Oblong, Black, Gold and Silver; H, Chinese, Oblong, Golden Dragon; I, Chinese, Oblong, Black, Golden Rose; J, Chinese, Oblong, Black and Gold; K, Chinese, Oblong, Gold, Blue and Green; L, Chinese, Oblong, Black, Green and Gold; M, Chinese, Oblong, Gold and Blue, with Dragon; N, Indian, Oval, Gold; O, Chinese, Oblong, Black and Gold; P, Chinese, Oblong, Black, with Golden Serpent; Q, Emerald Green, Chinese, Oblong; U, Prussian Blue, Chinese, Oblong.