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Three Frames by Peter Behrens

DescriptionEnglish: Frame from a book decorated by Peter Behrens
SourceFeste des Lebens und der Kunst (https://archive.org/details/festedeslebensun00behr/page/n5/mode/2up)
AuthorPeter Behrens
These scalable frames can be used at any size. The last one is used on every interior page in the book from which it was taken; the cutout at upper right is a space for a page number. The frame is reversed for left-hand pages.

Headpieces by Peter Behrens

DescriptionEnglish: Ornament from a German almanac for 1899
SourceDer Bunte Vogel von 1899 (https://archive.org/details/derbuntevogelvon00bier/mode/2up)
AuthorPeter Behrens
These scalable ornaments can be used at any size. They were designed to be simple enough to be printed on very cheap paper. The last one can be used as the top of a frame, the bottom of which is made by duplicating the ornament and flipping it upside-down, with rules between the parts if you like.

Jugendstil Ornaments

DescriptionEnglish: Ornament from a 1907 German book
SourceAdapted from Die künstlerische Entwicklung und das Lebenswerk das Landschaftsmalers Karl Rettich (https://archive.org/details/dieknstlerischee00lenz/mode/2up)

These scalable ornaments can be used at any size. The last is simply a repetition of the first ornament, with a repeated pair of wavy lines below, forming a headpiece. This is how it was constructed in letterpress, and we have constructed it the same way in Inkscape.