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Auguste au tombeau d’Alexandre, by François Schommer

English: Auguste au tombeau d’Alexandre (Augustus at the Tomb of Alexander), engraved from the painting by François Schommer, which won the Grand Prix de Rome in 1878.
Source Les Beaux-arts illustrés (https://archive.org/details/gri_33125016440824/page/n8)
Author François Schommer

The Audience, by Meissonier

English: L’Audience (The Audience), engraved by Charles Carey from the painting by Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier
Date or before
Source Les Chefs-d’oeuvre de l’art au XIXe siècle, about 1901 (https://archive.org/stream/leschefsdoeuvred00michuoft#page/n9/mode/1up)
Author Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier, painter; Charles Carey, engraver

Carey died in 1897 and Meissonier in 1891, so those are the latest possible dates for the engraving and the original painting.

Hall Caine Visits the Set of “The Christian,” 1922

English: Hall Caine visits the set of The Christian, a film based on his novel. Left to right: Hall Caine, Mae Busch, Maurice Tourneur, and Richard Dix
Source Picture-Play, 1922 (https://archive.org/stream/Picture-playMagazineDec.1922/PicturePlay1222#page/n69/mode/1up)
Author Anonymous photographer