The Romantic History of the Motion Picture, Part 1

“It isn’t worth it,” Edison decided when his lawyer wanted to make application for patents on the motion picture abroad

“Room Five” at the Edison research laboratories in West Orange housed a mystery that was guarded by lock and key

A young man from Virginia went to the World’s Fair at Chicago and saw opportunity in the “living pictures”
George Eastman was trying to improve the kodak when he hit on celluloid film, the thing Edison was seeking
In 1892 Edison built the first motion picture studio in the world, the “Black Maria,” at a total cost of $637.67

“You can project anything on a screen that you can see with the eye or that can be photographed.”—Woodville Latham
DescriptionEnglish: Illustrations from a 1922 article on “The Romantic History of the Motion Picture”
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