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DescriptionEnglish: Lucretius pointing to the casus, the downward movement of the atoms, from the frontispiece of a 1714 edition of Thomas Creech’s translation of Lucretius
SourceT. Lucretius Carus of the Nature of Things (
AuthorDesigned by “T. C.” (possibly Thomas Creech, died 1700); drawn and engraved by M. Burghers

Charlemagne Receives a Water Clock, by Harold DeLay

DescriptionEnglish: “The Value of Time,” by Harold DeLay, from an advertisement for Elgin watches. It depicts Charlemagne receiving the gift of a water clock sent by the Caliph Haroun-al-Raschid.
SourceAdvertisement for Elgin watches in Shadowland (
AuthorHarold S. De Lay

An Old French Song, by Leo Kober

Life’s span is brief (La vie est brève)

Dreams.…fond belief (Un peu de rêve)

Of love a ray (Un peu d’amour)

And then—good day! (Et puis—bon jour !)

Ah, vain is life (La vie est vaine)

With hate, with strife (Un peu de haine)

Hope looms up bright (Un peu d’espoir)

But then—good night! (Et puis—bon soir !)

DescriptionEnglish: Illustrations by Leo Kober
SourceShadowland (
AuthorLeo Kober