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Charlie Chaplin in 1922

DescriptionEnglish: Portrait of Charlie Chaplin in 1922. “Mr. Chaplin is a symbol. He personifies one of the most basic and powerful instincts of mankind—namely the instinct for humor”
SourcePhotoplay (https://archive.org/details/phojun22chic/page/n173/mode/2up?view=theater)
AuthorAnonymous photographer at the Strauss-Peyton studio

Charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush

DescriptionEnglish: Publicity still of Charlie Chaplin in the miner’s cabin. “Charles Chaplin journeyed to far-away Alaska to make special scenes for his new picture, which is tentatively titled Chilkoot Pass. The setting above is a deserted miner’s cabin in which Chaplin, in the rôle of an innocent prospector, has found temporary shelter.”
SourceMotion Picture Magazine (https://archive.org/details/motionpicturemag28brew/page/n263/mode/2up?view=theater)

Harry Lauder and Charlie Chaplin

Film Fun, 1918 (https://archive.org/stream/filmfun346356lesl#page/n111/mode/1up). —“Ten million dollars’ worth of personality—Harry Lauder and Charlie Chaplin. These soul-twins of comedy are the highest priced entertainers that have ever appeared on the screen.” Chaplin has Lauder’s Balmoral, stick, and pipe; Lauder has Chaplin’s bowler, cane, and cigarette.