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Snow White

DescriptionEnglish: Snow White (Schneewittchen), from a German book of fairy tales
DateBefore 1916
SourceGoldene Märchenpracht (https://archive.org/details/goldenemarchenpr00kron/page/n1/mode/2up?view=theater)
AuthorProbably Walter Zweigle

No date (the title page of the book may be missing), but the book was presented to the University of Illinois library in 1916.

Horse, Automobile, Airplane

Illustration from Benz advertisement

DescriptionEnglish: Illustration from an advertisement for Benz automobiles and airplane engines, 1917
SourceIllustrirte Zeitung (https://archive.org/details/illustrirte-zeitung-3841-1917/page/212/mode/2up?view=theater)
AuthorMartin and Walter Lehmann-Steglitz

This is the original advertisement for Benz automobiles and airplane motors:

Benz advertisement