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Let Us Taste Life While We May

DescriptionEnglish: “Let us taste life while we may,” illustrating a scene from His Hour by Elinor Glyn
SourceAdvertisement in Motion Picture Classic (https://archive.org/details/motion1724moti/page/n707/mode/2up?view=theater)

“Doushka,” he whispered. “I hate the Englishman—and life is so short. Let us taste it while we may,” and then he bent and kissed her lips!

Tamara struggled against the intense intoxicating emotion she was experiencing. What frightful tide was this which had swept into her well-ordered life! She vainly put up her arms and tried to push him away, but with each sign of revolt he held her the tighter.

“Darling,” he said softly in her ear. “My little white soul. Do not fight, it is perfectly useless, because I will do what I wish. See, I will be gentle and just caress you, if you do not madden me by trying to resist!”

Then he gathered her right into his arms, and again bent and most tenderly kissed her. All power of movement seemed to desert Tamara. She only knew that she was wildly happy, that this was heaven, and she would wish it never to end.

The whole novel is at Project Gutenberg, if you can take any more.