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The Censor Bird, by Rollin Kirby

DescriptionEnglish: “The Censor Bird,” by Rollin Kirby, from a 1926 movie magazine
SourcePhotoplay (https://archive.org/details/photoplay3031movi/page/n49/mode/2up?view=theater)
AuthorRollin Kirby

Excerpt from the article this cartoon accompanied: This is the Censor Bird, skunkus avis, a native of the United States. It is a creature of devastating habits and flourishes in Kansas and Pennsylvania. Just now it is trying to make its nest in Washington. The Censor Bird is a destructive vulture that lays waste the land it inhabits. Its ways are most peculiar. The sound of laughter or merriment throws it into an unreasonable rage. The mention of sex sends it shrieking through the land. Although near-sighted, it is able to see filth that is invisible to the ordinary human eye.