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“Trouble with You Is You’re Just a Nice Pretty Girl,” by R. Van Buren

“Trouble with you is you’re just a nice pretty girl. And it’s not enough, not in this rhinestone Bohemia, anyway. Everybody’s more or less pretty out here and nobody wants you to be nice.”
DescriptionEnglish: “Trouble with you is you’re just a nice pretty girl,” by R. Van Buren, illustrating “Miss Dumbbell” by Adela Rogers St. Johns.
SourcePhotoplay (https://archive.org/details/phojun22chic/page/n415/mode/2up?view=theater)
AuthorRaeburn Van Buren

The Dropped Fork

DescriptionEnglish: Illustration from an advertisement for an etiquette book. “Many embarrassing blunders can be made in a public restaurant. Should the young lady in the picture pick up the fork or leave it for the waiter to attend to? Or should one of the men pick it up?”
SourceAdvertisement in Photoplay (https://archive.org/details/phojun22chic/page/n393/mode/2up?view=theater)