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Weep Every Brimfull Flower

DescriptionEnglish: Mourner by a cascading stream, from the frontispiece to The Works of the Emperor Julian, 1798
SourceThe Works of the Emperor Julian (https://archive.org/details/worksofemperorju01ju/page/n7/mode/2up)
AuthorPainted by W. W. Carr; drawn by Boultby; engraved by Barlow

The Alps near Cormayeur (Savoy), by Gustave Doré

DescriptionEnglish: The Alps near Cormayeur (Savoy), by Gustave Doré
Français : Les Alpes ; environs de Cormayeur (Savoie), par Gustave Doré
SourceAlbum Boetzel : Le Salon de 1869 (https://archive.org/details/album-boetzel-le-salon-de-1869-exposition-des-beaux-arts/page/n21/mode/2up)
AuthorGustave Doré