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Architectural Allegory of the United States

DescriptionEnglish: Allegorical image of the United States, 1779, with an angel proclaiming freedom. There are thirteen columns supporting the arcade and thirteen stars in the arch, and the angel bears a Phrygian cap.
DateJanuary 1779
SourceThe United States Magazine (https://archive.org/details/sim_united-states-magazine-a-repository-of-history-politics_1779-01_1/page/4/mode/2up)

Map to Illustrate the Distribution of Men of Talent

From The Century Magazine, 1904. —The map shows the proportion, relative to population, of “men of talent” in each state and territory. What is a man of talent? It is a man whose name appears in a certain (unnamed) 1900 “directory of persons prominent in public life, the arts, sciences, and literary pursuits.” Was the directory published in Boston? you ask with an eye on the black splotch that is New England. No; it was published in Chicago.