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Behind the Screen with Two Greenhorns, by Helen Hokinson

The “two greenhorns” are at left foreground.
“As we came in, Rudolph the immortal had just stepped out of the picture to powder the face that is his fortune. He was scrutinizing himself closely in the mirror and dusting his flawless features with bright yellow powder, that being the color which shows up best on the screen.”
“While the girl who doubled for Gloria was holding up the elaborate ermine robe for the wedding scene, waiting for the bride to appear, a workman with a mop made sure that there was not a speck of dust left on the floor to soil Gloria’s white slippers.”
“In a far corner a beautiful brunette of the vamp type was lost to the rest of the world in a book entitled The Fangs of the Serpent. ‘She’s an honest-to-goodness Princess,’ whispered our guide, ‘and was driven out of Russia by the Bolsheviks.’ ”
“We both felt sure that Gloria was marrying the wrong man, and we waited hopefully for the Handsome Hero to dash in at just the right moment, and save her from an unhappy life.”
DescriptionEnglish: Illustrations by Helen E. Hokinson for an article in a movie magazine
SourceMotion Picture Magazine (https://archive.org/details/motionpicturemag28brew/page/n165/mode/2up?view=theater)
AuthorHelen E. Hokinson

Handmaiden Dressing a Roman Bride

DescriptionEnglish: Handmaiden wearing a sleeved stola and palla, dressing a bride, who wears a tunica with open sleeves, a stola with the instita, and a light palla.
SourceRoman Antiquities by A. S. Wilkins (New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1881)

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