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The Algonquin Round Table

DescriptionEnglish: The Algonquin Round Table in 1923: caricatures by Bill Breck. “ What more satisfying to us poor mortals than to gaze upon gods—especially intellectual gods—eating, and while eating, talking? At the Algonquin Round Table, Alexander Woollcott, with finger upraised, holds Horace Liveright spellbound, while to the extreme right F. P. A. listens cynically. Marc Connolly dogmatizes on Americana to Johnny Weaver, who throws up his hands protestingly. Next on the left, Heywood Broun and the spectacled Joe Kaufman, across the table, indulge in sad reflections on the failure of the 49ers. Behind, immaculately attired Host Case, explains to the elongated Bob Sherwood the futility of all things, especially of trying to squeeze in another chair at the table. The solitary lady, who seems awe-stricken by her surroundings, is a composite of the very few members of her sex who have been privileged to penetrate this literary arcanum. Next her, Hendrik van Loon glares thru his monocle at Bob Benchley as he scoffs at history and mankind. In the offing, disconsolate, like the Peri outside Paradise, stand the hirsute Bercovici and the hungry Burton Rascoe, the latter waiting to take Mrs. Dawson in to lunch; also Jimmy Reynolds and others longing for deification by inclusion in the sacred circle.”
SourceShadowland (https://archive.org/details/shadowland08brew/page/n41/mode/2up?view=theater)
AuthorBill Breck

Hall Caine Visits the Set of “The Christian,” 1922

English: Hall Caine visits the set of The Christian, a film based on his novel. Left to right: Hall Caine, Mae Busch, Maurice Tourneur, and Richard Dix
Source Picture-Play, 1922 (https://archive.org/stream/Picture-playMagazineDec.1922/PicturePlay1222#page/n69/mode/1up)
Author Anonymous photographer