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Head of Medusa

DescriptionEnglish: A bas-relief, representing a head of Medusa, ornamented with wings; on each side of it an eagle is represented in the act of seizing, with its talons, one of the snakes, which are entwined in the locks of her hair. The custom of adding wings to the head of Medusa was not always followed by the ancient artists. Aeschylus and Apollodorus have both described her as furnished with wings, but on coins of the cities of Amisus, Cabira, and Comana in Pontus, and of Amastris, and Sinope in Paphlagonia, the wings are represented not on the head of Medusa, but on her shoulders. Dimensions 1 foot 7 inches, by 9½ inches.
SourceA description of the collection of ancient terracottas in the British Museum (https://archive.org/details/descriptionofcol00brit)
AuthorWilliam Alexander

Gorgon Ornament and Frame by Edward Everett Winchell

DescriptionEnglish: Gorgon ornaments designed by Edward Everett Winchell for the Matthews-Northrup Works printing firm in Buffalo
SourceEleonora Duse in Repertoire: American Tour Season, 1902-1903 (https://archive.org/details/eleonoraduseinre00unse/mode/2up)
AuthorEdward Everett Winchell
The same firm was responsible for the cover design used by National Geographic for most of the twentieth century. These scalable ornaments can be used at any size.