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How an Icebox Works

English: Cutaway view of an icebox showing air circulation
Source Macy’s Catalogue, Fall-Winter 1905-1906 (https://archive.org/details/cataloguefallwin00macy/page/462)
Author Anonymous

“Cut AL 1408 shows the sectional view of the North Star Refrigerator, with arrows showing course of air in its circulation. Also patent drain trough and trap.

“Notice the air, in coming in contact with the ice, passes down over it, where the moisture is condensed and purified. Seeking the large opening in the center of the ice chamber, it passes through into the provision chamber pure, cold and dry, forcing the warm air up along the sides and out the air flues at the end of ice chamber and on to the ice again to be cooled, condensed and purified.

“The cut also shows the cork filling in the walls.”