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The American Crocodile

DescriptionEnglish: [Caption from original book:] The American Crocodile (Lacerta Alligator) [probably meant for Crocodylus acutus]
SourceBilderbuch für Kinder (https://archive.org/details/BilderbuchfuYrK4Bert/page/XIV/mode/2up)

From the original description: The Cayman, Alligator, or American Crocodile is from 30 to 40 feet long, and consequently of a much smaller size than the Nile Crocodile. It’s also sooner frighten’d and in general more timorous, than that tremendous animal. It is found in the Rivers of the Southern and inland parts of America. Though they chiefly feed on fish, yet they pursue, especially when some of them are together, little Boats or Canoes with single persons.

The skin is like a coat of mail, and divided into shields. Its colour is dark brown above, and reddish yellow below. The long tapering head is cover’d all over with scales. Along the back and on the outside of the hind feet runs a row of wedgelike prominences. The hind feet which like the fore feet have five toes, are also provided with a swimming skin. The American Crocodile lays about 30 eggs in a Year. Many birds prey upon these eggs whereby the number of this dangerous animal is greatly diminish’d.