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Sir Frederic Leighton’s Home and Studio

The Studio (North).
The Studio (East).
The Studio with Alcove (West).
The Smaller Studio.
The Vestibule.
The Arab Hall.
DescriptionEnglish: Interior of Sir Frederic Leighton’s home and studio in 1882
SourceIllustrated Biographies of Modern Artists (https://archive.org/details/gri_33125011095359/page/n31/mode/2up)

Crex Grass Furniture

Crex brand wicker furniture made from American prairie grass by the American Grass Twine Company, with a colored photograph of an interior furnished entirely with Crex Grass Furniture.

English: Wicker furniture from the Crex Grass Furniture catalogue of 1903. The furniture was made by the American Grass Twine Co. from American prairie grass.
Source 1903 catalogue of Crex Grass Furniture from the American Grass Twine Co. of Glendale, Long Island, New York (https://archive.org/details/furniturecatalog00amer/page/n7)
Author Anonymous

A Cozy Nook for Reading

English: Woman reading in a cozy nook with radiant heat, from a 1905 American Radiator Company catalogue. “This ‘cozy corner’ is part view of the living room of our Colonial Model House, at St. Louis World’s Fair.”
Source “Radiation and Decoration,” a catalogue from the American Radiator Company, 1905 (https://archive.org/details/RadiationAndDecoration/page/n3)
Author Anonymous