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Prosperous Businessman Indicating Source of His Prosperity

DescriptionEnglish: Prosperous businessman points to sign indicating the source of his prosperity (originally “WE USE POWER’S No. 6 CAMERAGRAPH”)
SourceAdvertisement for the Nicholas Power Company in Moving Picture World (https://archive.org/details/moviwor10chal/page/n257/mode/2up?view=theater)

“Trouble with You Is You’re Just a Nice Pretty Girl,” by R. Van Buren

“Trouble with you is you’re just a nice pretty girl. And it’s not enough, not in this rhinestone Bohemia, anyway. Everybody’s more or less pretty out here and nobody wants you to be nice.”
DescriptionEnglish: “Trouble with you is you’re just a nice pretty girl,” by R. Van Buren, illustrating “Miss Dumbbell” by Adela Rogers St. Johns.
SourcePhotoplay (https://archive.org/details/phojun22chic/page/n415/mode/2up?view=theater)
AuthorRaeburn Van Buren